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About the City of Rostov-on-Don

Rostov-on-Don - one of the largest megacities of modern Russia. The city has been formed on December, 15th 1749 г; the territory area - 348,5 sq. km. According to census of 2002 in it lives 1070,2 thousand persons. For today in a city eight Administrative areas. The basis of the developed economic complex is made by various industries (in its structure the mechanical engineering and the food-processing industry) and spheres of services (transport and communication, trade, the finance dominates, etc.).

The main competitive advantage of a city is defined its favourable economic-geographical position: Located on right to the river bank Don, in 65 km from its confluence of sea of Azov, Rostov-on-Don is in the centre of transport highways of the South of Russia, providing an exit to coast of three seas - Black, Azov, Caspian, direct contacts to all European part of the CIS, Transcaucasia, the Near East and the Mediterranean. This arrangement provides to a city the status of the largest transport knot, the centre of strategically important railway communications largest in the south of river port, having the international status and connected by internal waterways with the Volga region, the Center, the Northwest of the country and Black Sea Coast.

Rostov-on-Don by right is considered one of the largest educational and centres of science of Russia. In a city 10 lycées, over 10 average TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGES, 122 average a comprehensive school, 250 preschool educational institutions operate about 50 higher educational institutions, about 30 colleges and technical schools; among various objects of culture - the Don state public library largest in the south of the country, the Rostov state Conservatory of S.V.Rahmaninova, a zoo, a botanical garden, 13 musical schools, 5 theatres, two of which academic, 4 museums, 543 monuments of architecture.

At the Don culture not only nice last, but also not less bright present. In Rostov 220 culture establishments and arts operate, the creative unions and national-cultural societies work.

In Rostov 4 theatres, two of which the academic, 4 museums, the largest in the south of the country - the Don state public library, state circus, a regional philharmonic society, the Rostov conservatory of S.V.Rakhmaninov, the Rostov-on-donu branch of the St.-Petersburg state university of culture and arts, school of arts, culture school, showrooms of artists work.

Вasic Course

In the Rostov conservatory entrants on the basic educational programs of the higher vocational training of levels are accepted:

  • Expert (5 years)
  • Bachelor (4 years)
  • Master (2 years)

Upon termination of training, under condition of successful performance of all curriculum, the diploma of the state sample of corresponding level stands out.

The General Requirements

To receipt for the first year of training foreign citizens not more youngly are supposed 18 years. The entrant should have the diploma about the termination of the full high school full of specialised high school or the diploma about presence of average vocational training equivalent document of the state sample of the Russian Federation.

The entrant should possess musical abilities and have vocational training on one of the musical specialities, corresponding to requirements of the Rostov conservatory and successfully to stand introductory tests. To the entrants arriving on a basic course, it is necessary to have level of knowledge of Russian not below the base. At receipt, on Russian testing is held. To the Entrants who do not have base knowledge in the field of Russian, receipt on Preparatory branch is offered.

Entrance Examinations

The Вachelor, the Expert:

  • Speciality (program execution)
  • Мusic Theory. (In writing and orally)
  • Colloquium (interview)
  • Russian (testing)

Read, please, the information, on entrance examinations on a site or ask a question to the electronic address:

The Мaster:

  • Speciality (program execution)
  • Colloquium

Read, please, the information, on entrance examinations on a site or ask a question to the electronic address:

Requirements to Knowledge of Russian

Base level of possession of Russian is obligatory for all foreign entrants arriving on the basic programs of training, except for the entrants arriving on Preparatory branch.

Documents Acceptance

Terms of giving of documents from 15.06. 2012 in the 7/5/2012.

The list of documents:

  • An application for admission addressed to the rector;
  • Originals of the document of the foreign state legalised when due hereunder about the finished senior secondary education and appendices to it;
  • The certificate on equivalence (if necessary);
  • The translation into Russian of the document of the foreign state assured when due hereunder about education and appendices to it;
  • The passport copy, which period of validity not less than 1,5 years;
  • A copy of the visa* on entrance and the Russian Federation.
    * Еntrance to Russia under the conservatory invitation, it is possible not later than 30 days prior to the termination of period of validity of the visa;
  • The medical certificate with obligatory result of the analysis of blood on a HIV;
  • The questionnaire of the established sample;
  • 13 photos (3х4 sm).


Tel.:+7 928 214 62 87


Pre-Entry Course

All the foreign students, who appeal for studies in our Conservatoire, have to meet one-year course at the preliminary department.

Students will be trained in all fields of study that shall include the following disciplines:

  • Russian language
  • Harmony
  • Theory of music
  • A major subject

At the end of the preliminary course students pass through exams, the successful result of these are the condition for the entry to the further courses. Those, who didn't pass the exams successfully, will be proposed to repeat the preliminary course.

Citizens applying for admission to the pre-entry course of the Conservatoire shall provide a document confirming their level of education issued by a foreign state.

Applicants having corresponding skills in the chosen field of study and those who have successfully passed entrance examinations can be admitted to this course of study.

The education is conducted on a fee paid basis according to direct contracts with physical persons and/or legal entities.

Admission to the pre-entry course is based on the results of examinations in the major subject and concluding a contract for payment of tuition fees.

All applicants are provided with paid student’s hostel with a musical instrument for studies (piano).

Applicants who failed to pass entrance examinations and were not admitted to studies in the Conservatoire are obliged to leave the territory of the Russian Federation within 5 days after the end of entrance examinations.

List of Documents for Admission

In order to appeal for study the candidate must send the following documents:

  • a recent video (VHS or DVD made without editing) recording with the program, duration of it not less than 20 minutes;
  • an application form of a standard type;
  • copy of diploma or certificate of education (for those who didn’t finish their studies for a moment of appellation);
  • list of marks for all the semesters of study;
  • copy of passport (for traveling abroad).

After the evaluation of documents, in a case of admission the candidate receives the official invitation, which is necessary for obtaining the Russian visa.

While coming for studies, the student have to take with him the following additional documents:

  • copy of invitation;
  • an original legalized diploma or certificate of education;
  • list of marks for all the semesters of study;
  • national passport valid for the period not less than 1.5 years with the entry visa to Russian Federation;
  • a medical certificate;
  • 13 photos (3х4 cm);
  • a valid health insurance policy (the document can be issued in the RF).

Documents of citizens applying for the present course shall be submitted before February 1.

Postgraduate Study Programs

The Conservatoire offers the following programs for graduates of professional higher educational institutions:

  1. Postgraduate course in the scientific discipline «Musical art – 17.00.02.»

The present program is designed for specialists having higher professional education and interested in scientific-research activity. The aim of the course is writing a thesis and acquiring the Ph.D. Degree. The thesis can be written in the following scientific areas:

  • Theory of Music
  • History of Music
  • Musical Folklore
  • History of Theory of Musical Performance Art

Foreign citizens applying for admission to this program shall provide a document confirming that they have completed a course of higher professional education (a Specialist Degree Diploma, a Magister Degree Diploma or a Licentiate Degree Diploma). The document shall be equivalent to the documents issued in the Russian Federation. Applicants have to pass successfully entrance examinations.

Applicants are admitted to the full-time and part-time departments on the state-financed or on the contract basis. Admission to the post-graduate degree for the places financed by the state budget is executed on the competition basis. If the number of students exceeds the state-financed places such students shall conclude contracts on payment of a tuition fee to the higher educational institution. Students applying for state-financed places shall get the results of not less than 8 points; students applying for a paid form of education shall get at least 5 points (using a 10-point scale).

A state-recognized certificate of postgraduate education is issued upon completion of the postgraduate course, provided that a student has successfully completed a program, including defense of a thesis and its submission to the Thesis Council.

Submission of Documents

One of the requirements for admission of foreign citizens to the postgraduate course (three years of study) shall be the Russian language competence corresponding to the 2nd Level (general competence) stated by the State Standard of Competence in Russian as a Foreign Language and stipulating a good command of the Russian language in the professional sphere. Requirements for the Russian language examination will be sent to you upon your request. Foreign citizens applying for admission to the postgraduate course shall submit the following documents to the International Students Department and the Postgraduate Department during the period stipulated by the admission procedure:

  • An application for admission addressed to the rector;
  • An original legalized document on complete higher professional education (a Magister Degree or a Specialist Degree diploma) and an appendix to it;
  • Translation into Russian language of a foreign document confirming an applicant’s level of education and an appendix to it, certified in accordance with the established procedure;
  • A copy of a passport valid for the period not less than 1.5 years;
  • A copy of an entry visa for the Russian Federation;
  • A medical certificate containing results of the obligatory HIV blood test, fluorography results and data on vaccinations;
  • A valid health insurance policy;
  • An application form of a standard type;
  • 8 photos (3х4 cm);
  • A paper in the major subject in Russian (not less than 24 pages) in three copies. Translation of a paper certified by a notary public is also allowed.

Documents of foreign citizens shall be submitted till 23 June, papers till 20 June.